Purple Winter Nails: 35 Top Trends and Violet Vibes in 2023

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As the temperature drops and the evenings extend, it’s time for me to update my manicure with the latest colors and trends.

One color that has caught my attention this season is purple. It’s versatile, captivating, and the perfect way to express my style during the colder months.

From deep and regal shades to soft and icy hues, purple winter nails offer endless possibilities to make a statement and stand out in any crowd.

Exploring Purple Winter Nails


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As winter approaches, I find myself drawn to experimenting with new nail trends and colors. One shade that has caught my eye this year is purple. More specifically, I’m intrigued by the wonderful world of purple winter nails. Allow me to share some of my findings and insights on this fashionable trend.

1. Snowflake

 purple winter nails
by Pinterest

2. Sparkling Mix

 sparkling nails
by Pinterest

3. Dark Sparkling Mix

 sparkling nails dark mix
by Pinterest

4. Rhinestone Details

 rhinestone detail nails
by Pinterest

5. Cute Penguin

 cute penguin nails
by Pinterest

6. Fancy Snowflake

 fancy snowflake nails
by Pinterest

7. Winter Mix

 purple winter mix nails
by Pinterest

8. Super Cute Polar Bear

 cute polar bear nails
by Pinterest

9. Another Cute Penguin

 another cute purple penguin nails
by Pinterest

10. Purple Sparkle

 purple sparkle nails
by Pinterest

11. Deep Purple

 deep purple winter nails
by Pinterest

12. Matte Purple

 matte purple nails
by Pinterest

13. Reindeer

 purple reindeer nails
by Pinterest

14. Elegant Purple

 Elegant purple nails
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15. Basic Purple

 basic purple nails
by Pinterest

16. Ombre Style

 purple ombre nails
by Pinterest

17. Shimmering Dark

 shimmering dark purple nails
by Pinterest

18. Glitter Mix

 sparkling purple nails
by Pinterest

19. Chrome Snowflakes

 chrome snowflake nails
by Pinterest

20. Deep Matte

 deep matte purple nails
by Pinterest

21. Different Shapes

 different shades of purple nails
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22. Light Purple & Lavender

 light purple and lavender nails
by Pinterest

23. Shimmering Snowflakes

 shimmering snowflakes on purple nails
by Pinterest

24. Glitter Christmas Balls

 glitter christmas ball nails
by Pinterest

25. Christmas Style

 purple christmas style nails
by Pinterest

26. Christmas Candy

 christmas candy nails
by Pinterest

27. Winter Mix

 purple winter mix nails
by Pinterest

28. Stylish Patterns

 stylish purple nail patterns
by Pinterest

29. Sparkling Reindeer

 purple sparkling reindeer nails
by Pinterest

30. Gingerbread Man

 purple gingerbread man nails
by Pinterest

31. Shiny & Matte Mix

 shiny and matte purple nails
by Pinterest

32. Classy Shimmering

 classy shimmering purple nails
by Pinterest

33. Midnight Purple

 purple midnight sky nails
by Pinterest

34. Purple French Tips

 purple french tip nails
by Pinterest

35. Purple & Black Ombre Style

 ombre style purple and black nails
by Pinterest

But as you can see: Purple is not purple!

I’ve noticed a few different purple winter nail colors that stand out as the most captivating. Royal purple, for instance, is a classic, sophisticated hue that fits perfectly with the regal and cool atmosphere of winter.

Another shade that I find refreshing is icy lavender, which embodies the crisp essence of the season. Finally, a deep plum shade offers a sultry, warm option for those looking for a strong statement color.

Depending on which color you like visually and which outfit you want to complement your look with, you can choose between the colors individually.

In terms of design, the possibilities are, as you have already seen in the pictures above, virtually endless.

One trend that I came across and really appreciate is purple swirl nails. This involves painting your nails with a base purple color and then creating swirl patterns using a different shade.

For an added touch of glamour, I discovered that metallic finishes, like gunmetal, work well with purple winter nail designs. The blend of silvery grays adds a futuristic edge, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for something different and unique.

Of course, there’s no rule saying that you can only wear one purple shade or design at a time. Combining various purple winter nail colors and designs can result in stunning, eye-catching combinations that will have your friends asking where you got your nails done.

With so many design ideas and shades to choose from, I’m excited to experiment and find the perfect purple winter nails to match my style and keep my fingertips fashionable throughout the season.

Berry Winter Nail Color Inspiration

I’ve come across some amazing berry winter nail color ideas that I believe you’ll love. Berry colors are perfect for the colder months as they emanate warmth and richness while remaining elegant and fashionable.

One color that captures my attention is royal purple. Its regal and sophisticated hue can make a bold statement even on the gloomiest of days. Apart from royal purple, another great option for winter is deep plum. This sultry shade adds depth and richness to your nails, perfect for winter evenings.

Mixing various shades of berry colors can create stunning nail designs. For instance, you can alternate between icy lavender and velvet violet to achieve a unique ombre effect. This design captures the cool and refreshing essence of winter while maintaining a bright pop of color.

To add more flair to your berry winter nails, consider incorporating some glitter accents. Or you can also try matte topcoats on darker berry shades like aubergine or blackberry for a more textured and on-trend appearance.

Matte nails generally look a bit more stylish and elegant, I love wearing them for events like Christmas for example.

How to Achieve Sparkle Nails

I love adding sparkle to my nails during the winter season. It adds a touch of glamour and fun to any outfit. Here’s how I achieve the perfect purple sparkle nails for the colder months.

First, I prepare my nails by cleaning and shaping them. I prefer to file my nails into a rounded or almond shape for this particular look. Once my nails are clean and shaped, I apply a good base coat to protect my nails from staining and ensure a smooth application.

To achieve the purple base, I select a deep shade of purple that complements my skin tone and the winter season. I apply two coats of this polish, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly before proceeding. This helps to build opacity and ensures a flawless finish.

Next, it’s time for the fun part – adding the sparkle. I use a thin brush or a toothpick to apply a silver or holographic glitter polish to the nail. I concentrate the glitter on specific areas like the tips, the cuticle, or even do a diagonal line across the nail. Experiment with different placements and patterns to create unique and eye-catching designs.

To intensify the sparkle, I sometimes layer the glitter to create a gradient effect. I start with more concentrated glitter near the tips or cuticle and then disperse it as I move toward the middle of the nail. This adds dimension and interest to the design.

Finally, I seal my sparkle nails with a high-quality top coat. This not only provides protection and longevity to the design, it also helps to smooth out any texture that may have been created by the glitter application. An important tip is to always allow enough drying time between each layer to prevent any smudging or chipping.

And there you have it – my go-to steps and tips for achieving the perfect purple sparkle nails this winter season. Remember to have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your designs!

The Role of Nail Polish Brands

Essie’s Deep Plums

When I think about winter nail colors, one of the first brands that comes to mind is Essie. They offer a variety of richly pigmented deep plum shades, perfect for the colder months. Essie’s nail polishes are known for their long-lasting formula and smooth application. I find that these deep plum shades complement most skin tones and can create a sophisticated look when paired with classic nail designs.

Miracle Gel Polish from Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish is another favorite of mine due to its long-lasting, chip-resistant formula. The Miracle Gel line offers several shades for winter nails, including deep purples and metallic finishes. In addition to its durability, I appreciate the fact that the Miracle Gel polish provides salon-quality results at home, without any need for UV lamps or professional tools.

Cirque Colors & Zoya on Winter Nails

Cirque Colors and Zoya are two more well-known brands that offer an assortment of purple nail ideas for the winter season. From icy lavenders to rich jewel-toned purples, both Cirque and Zoya nail polishes provide intensely pigmented shades that combine well with various nail designs.

  • Cirque Colors: Known for their unique, handcrafted lacquers, Cirque Colors offer a range of stunning metallic shades and holographics.
  • Zoya: This brand is a go-to option for eco-conscious consumers, as Zoya boasts a vegan-friendly, 10-free formula in all of their nail polishes.

The Influence of OPI & Nails Inc

OPI and Nails Inc are other leaders in the nail polish industry who provide winter-specific purples.

Consumers love OPI for their:

  1. Wide range of colors
  2. Trendy collaborations
  3. High-quality formula

While Nails Inc is known for:

  1. Innovative nail products
  2. Patented brush technology
  3. Long-lasting, chip-resistant polish

These brands offer a diverse palette for winter nails, whether it’s cool-toned lavender or a deep, vampy purple. In terms of nail designs, OPI and Nails Inc also provide the opportunity for fun and creativity with their glitter and metallic finishes.

As a nail polish enthusiast, I rely on these reputable brands for achieving my perfect purple winter nails and am continuously inspired by their innovative, fashionable shades.

How a Manicurist Can Help Transform your Nails

As a lover of nail art, I’ve often turned to a professional manicurist to help transform my nails into gorgeous winter works of art. With their impressive skills and expertise, they know just the right touches to elevate any style and match the season’s trends. For instance, they can blend a magnificent shade of purple while capturing that icy winter feel.

One of the most striking transformations I’ve experienced was when my manicurist changed my plain black nails into an intricate winter design. Using a deep plum shade as the base, they integrated delicate snowflakes and added a touch of sparkle to create a festive look.

Manicurists are also skilled at creating themed designs, like the popular “candy cane lane.” Using alternating red and white stripes in various thicknesses, they can achieve that classic candy cane appearance. You can also choose to add extra winter elements, like snowflakes, reindeer, or even small gems to make your nails stand out even more.

So if you’re feeling a little unsure, a professional manicurist can certainly help you achieve the look you want.

Nevertheless, I’m also a fan of learning by doing: try things out, see what you like and you’ll become more experienced over time.


What do purple nails symbolize?

Purple nails can symbolize creativity, luxury, and royalty. The color purple is also associated with spirituality, wisdom, and imagination, making it a versatile choice for expressing individuality and sophistication.

What two nail polish colors make purple?

Mixing red and blue nail polish together will create a purple hue. Adjusting the ratio of red to blue can produce different shades of purple, allowing for customization based on personal preference.

What nail color is most attractive to guys?

According to various sources, including polls and opinions, classic colors like red, soft pink, and nude are often considered attractive by many men. However, individual preferences may vary and the most important aspect is to feel confident with what you wear.

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