20+ Purple Summer Nails 2024: Our Expert Guide

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I find myself drawn to the alluring shades of purple that range from deep, luxurious tones to playful lilacs. Purple nails have a way of adding a touch of elegance to any look while still being perfect for any summer adventure.

Purple Summer Nails

 purple summer nails
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 light purple and orange summer nails
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 purple flower summer nails
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 purple summer french tips
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 purple nails with flower
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 purple cheetah print nails
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 pink daisy flower nails
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 purple and blue ying-yang nails
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 summer flower nails
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 purple swirly nail art
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 short summer nails with daisyflower
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 light purple oval nails
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Almond Galaxy Marble Nails, for example, have caught my eye with their swirled purple-and-white patterns that are reminiscent of a summer night sky. Designs like these represent a personal canvas of expression right at my fingertips.

For those who appreciate the subtler things in life, the delicate hues of lavender nails offer a soft and feminine touch ideal for sunny days and breezy evenings. Whether opting for a solid wash of color or playing with intricate nail art, purple’s versatility makes it a go-to choice for summer nails. Creativity flourishes with each brush stroke, as these purple nail designs blend the lines between fashion and artistry.

Popular Purple Shades and Textures

  • Lavender: I’ve noticed that this gentle hue is adored for its softness, making it perfect for light purple nails with a feminine touch.
  • Dark Purple: For those who prefer a touch of mystery, dark purple nails add an element of depth and sophistication to any look.
  • Matte Purple: The matte finish is undeniably chic and transforms any shade of purple into a modern statement.
  • Glossy Violet: Glossy violet nails reflect the summer sun with lively brilliance for a classic shine.
  • Shimmery Purple & Purple Glitter: When I’m in the mood for sparkle, shimmery purple or purple glitter nails are my go-to options for that added touch of glam.

Creative Purple Nail Designs

The beauty of purple lies in its versatility, allowing for a wide range of designs:

  • Amethyst Nails: Mimicking the gemstone, these designs can include realistic facets or just draw inspiration from the stone’s rich, variegated purple.
  • Purple Marble: A swirling mix of light and dark purples creates an enchanting marble effect, ideal for a mesmerizing summer look.
  • Floral Designs: These designs incorporate everything from delicate lavender flowers to vibrant purple daisies, a nod to summer gardens.
  • Purple Swirl & Galaxy Nails: Abstract swirls or cosmic galaxy patterns in purple tones are showstoppers that capture the imagination.

Nail Shapes and Lengths for Summer

This season is all about finding the shape that speaks to you:

  • Almond & Oval: Almond-shaped nails or their softer counterpart, oval nails, are universally flattering and provide a perfect canvas for purple hues.
  • Coffin: For those who yearn for an edgy yet elegant look, coffin-shaped nails are a stunning backdrop for any purple design.
  • Long vs. Short Nails: Purple shades can adapt to any length, whether you prefer long nails that make a bold statement or short nails for a minimalist vibe.

Purple Nail Art Techniques and Ideas

When I think of summer, bright and playful nail art comes to mind, especially in shades of purple. For a summery twist, I love using a gradient technique. Starting with a light lavender base, I gradually blend in a deeper violet toward the tips. It creates a stunning ombre effect that’s perfect for summer.

Shimmer and matte nails can also work wonderfully together. I often apply a matte purple base and add a touch of shimmer with a glitter top coat on my accent nails. This contrast gives a sophisticated yet playful vibe. For a French manicure with a twist, a purple French tip instead of the classic white captures the essence of summer fun. It’s a simple but striking look.

If you’re feeling creative, negative space designs paired with floral patterns can be truly eye-catching. I outline my nails with thin purple stripes, leaving the base nude for that peek-a-boo effect, then adorn one or two nails with delicate flower designs.

Don’t shy away from combining purple hearts or Barbie pink for a playful manicure. These small details add a whimsical touch. And to really stand out, I incorporate marble accents with swirls of purple and white to give my nails an elegant yet earthy look.

Lastly, floral accents never go out of style. As a charming highlight, I use a fine brush to add tiny lavender flowers on one or two nails.


How do you make light purple nail polish?

To make light purple nail polish, start with a clear nail polish base. Then, mix in a small amount of white nail polish to lighten the color. Gradually add drops of purple nail polish until you achieve the desired shade of light purple. Mix thoroughly and test on a nail to ensure the color matches your liking before applying it to all nails.

Are purple nails in style?

Yes, purple nails are often in style as they offer versatility and can be adapted to various looks and occasions. From deep plum shades to light lavender hues, purple nails can complement various outfits and makeup styles, making them a popular choice among many fashion enthusiasts.

What nail color goes with purple?

Purple pairs well with various nail colors depending on the desired look. Try neutral shades like beige, nude, or light gray for a complementary and harmonious combination. For a bold and contrasting look, opt for colors like gold, silver, or black. Experiment with different combinations to find what suits your style best.

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