40 Disney Halloween Nails: Some are Too Cute to be Scary

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As a person who loves all things Disney, I’m always on the lookout for ways to weave my passion for this magical world into my daily life. Halloween presents the perfect chance to showcase my love for Disney, and what better way to pay homage than by crafting some spooky Disney-inspired nail art?

Disney and Nails – can there be a better cmobination for me? Probably not!

Check out my 40 favorite Disney Halloween Nails.

From classic characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse to scary Nightmare Before Christmas arts, there are endless possibilities for Disney Halloween nail designs.

I’ll be sharing some of the best Disney Halloween nail designs I’ve come across. I’ve scoured the internet to find inspiration from talented nail artists and Disney enthusiasts alike.


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My 40 Go-To Disney Halloween Nails

1. Black and Orange Mickey Mouse Nails

 Black and Orange Mickey Mouse Nails
by Pinterest

2. Mickey Mouse Bats

 Mickey Mouse Bats
by Pinterest

3. Mixed Halloween Motives

 Disney Halloween Nails
by Pinterest

4. Short Nails With Different Styles

 Short Nails with Halloween Motives
by Pinterest

5. Purple Halloween Nails

 Purple Halloween Nails
by Pinterest

6. Mickey Mouse Gems

 Mickey Mouse Gem Nails
by Pinterest

7. Mickey Mouse Bats

 Mickey Mouse Bat Nails
by Pinterest

8. Mixed Nail Arts

 Mixed Halloween Nails
by Pinterest

9. Purple Nail Art

 Purple Disney Nails
by Pinterest

10. Black and White Ghosts

 Black and White Ghost Nails
by Pinterest

11. Glittering Disney Nails

 Glittering Disney Nails
by Pinterest

12. Green and Black Spooky Nails

 reen ad Black Spooky Nails
by Pinterest

13. Fancy Orange Nails

 Fancy Orange Nails
by Pinterest

14. Pink Nails with Gems

 Pink Nails with Gems
by Pinterest

15. Trick or Treat Nails

 Trick or Treat Nails
by Pinterest

16. Same as 14 but with Pointed Nails

 Pink Disney Nails
by Pinterest

17. Pink, Black and Natural

 Pink and Black Nails
by Pinterest

18. Goofie, Mickey, Minnie and Donald

 Goofy, Mickey, Minnie and Donald Halloween Nails
by Pinterest

19. Black and Gray

 Black and grey halloween nails
by Pinterest

20. Lilo & Stitch

 Lilo and Stitch Nails
by Pinterest

21. Classy Mickey Mouse

 Mickey Mouse Nails
by Pinterest

22. Cozy Orange

 Cozy Orange Nails
by Pinterest

23. Mixed Motives

 Halloween Disney Nails
by Pinterest

24. Black and White Skull

 Skull Nails
by Pinterest

25. Nightmare before Christmas

 Nightmare before Christmas Nails
by Pinterest

26. Black and White and Colorful Nightmare before Christmas

 Nightmare before christmas nails black and white
by Pinterest

27. Jack Skullington

 Jack Skullington Nails
by Pinterest

28. Glittering Nightmare before Christmas Nails

 Glittering Nighmare Before Christmas Nails
by Pinterest

29. Green Mickey

 Green Mickey Nails
by Pinterest

30. Glow in the Dark

 Glow in the Dark Nails
by Pinterest

31. Cute little Ghost

 Cute Ghost Nails
by Pinterest

32. Yellow Orange Fired Nails

 Fired Up Halloween Nails
by Pinterest

33. Orange Mickey Gems

 Orange Mickey Gems
by Pinterest

34. Mickey Pmpkins

 Mickey Pumpkin Nails
by Pinterest

35. Mickey Spider

 Mickey Spider Nails
by Pinterest

36. Mickey Ghosts

 Mickey Ghost Nails
by Pinterest

37. Minnie Mouse

 Minnie Mouse Halloween Nails
by Pinterest

38. Mickey & Minnie

 Mickey & Minnie Nails
by Pinterest

39. White and Green

 White and Green Mickey and Minnie Nails
by Pinterest

40. Too cute to be Scary

 Cute Halloween Nails
by Pinterest

History of Disney Halloween Nails

As a fan of both Disney and Halloween, I have always been fascinated by the unique and creative ways that people incorporate Disney characters and themes into their Halloween nail art. From spooky Mickey Mouse silhouettes to elaborate Nightmare Before Christmas designs, Disney Halloween nails have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Over the last years, Disney Halloween nails have evolved and become more elaborate, with nail artists incorporating a wider range of characters and themes into their designs.

In addition to the classic Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, modern Disney movies like Nightmare Before Christmas – what is actually my absolute favorite – inspired some truly stunning Halloween nail art.

Disney has also embraced the trend, releasing their own line of Halloween-themed nail wraps and stickers featuring popular characters like Jack Skellington and Maleficent.

Whether you prefer spooky or cute, simple or elaborate, I am sure there is a Disney Halloween nail design out there for you.

Popular Disney Characters for Halloween Nails

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is my absolute favorite option for Halloween nails. His black and white stripes, along with his iconic grin, make for a fun and festive design.


Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” is a great choice for those who want to embrace their inner sea witch. Her tentacles and purple and black color scheme make for a unique and eye-catching design.

 Ursula Nail Art
by Pinterest

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmatians” is a fashionable and fierce choice for Halloween nails. Her black and white hair, red lips, and spotted coat can all be incorporated into a fun and creative nail design.

 Cruella De Ville Nail Art
by Pinterest

The Sanderson Sisters

The Sanderson Sisters from “Hocus Pocus” are a great option for those who want to go all out with their Halloween nails. Their distinct looks, including Winifred’s red hair and Sarah’s spider earrings, can all be incorporated into a spooky and fun design.

Overall, there are plenty of popular Disney characters to choose from when it comes to Halloween nails. Whether you want to go for a classic villain or a more obscure character, there are endless possibilities for fun and festive designs.

 The Sanderson Sisters Nail Art
by Pinterest

Classic Disney Halloween Nail Art Design Ideas

Here are two of my above shown favorite ideas and a go to guide on how to implement them:

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Design

The most classic Halloween design is the jack-o-lantern, and what better way to incorporate Disney than with a Mickey Mouse pumpkin design? To create this look, paint your nails orange and then add black lines to create the outline of the pumpkin. Next, add Mickey’s iconic ears by painting two black circles near the top of the nail. Finally, add a green stem at the top of the pumpkin. You can also add some glitter or rhinestones to make the design pop.

Nightmare Before Christmas Design

For a spooky yet playful design, consider a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. Start with a black base coat and then add some white stripes to represent Jack Skellington’s suit. Next, add some red accents to represent Sally’s hair and dress. You can also add some Jack and Sally decals or stickers for an extra touch.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your Disney Halloween nail designs. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

And if you are searching for some more girly inspiration, maybe think about pink nails for halloween!


How to do nail art for kids?

To do nail art for kids, start by choosing child-friendly nail polish and designs. Use stickers, glitter, and simple patterns. Make sure to supervise and help the child throughout the process.

What are cartoon nails?

Cartoon nails, also known as pop art nails, are a type of nail art design that features colorful and playful cartoon characters or images. These designs are often inspired by the pop art aesthetic of the 1950s and 60s, and can be created using various techniques such as hand painting, stamping, or decals. Cartoon nails are popular among both children and adults.

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