15+ Cute Easter Nails: Egg-cellent Manicures for 2024

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Easter signifies a period of renewal and festivity, and there is no better method to convey the happiness of this season than through the delightful creativity of adorable Easter-themed nail art.

I love embracing the festive spirit by adorning my nails with designs that reflect Easter’s cheerful palette. Pastels, glitter, and adorable bunny motifs are just the beginning of what can be done to make my nails a focal point of my holiday ensemble.

Cute Easter Nails

1. Cute Easter Bunny

 cute easter nails
by Pinterest

2. Another Easter Bunny

 cute easter bunny nails
by Pinterest

3. Spring Flowers

 flower easter nails
by Pinterest

4. Shimmering Easter Bunny

 shimmering easter bunny nails
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5. Broken Easter Eggs

 easter egg nails
by Pinterest

6. Bunny and Eggs

 easter bunny and egg nails
by Pinterest

7. White with Dots

 white nails with colorful dots
by Pinterest

8. Shimmering Easter Eggs

 shimmering egg style nails
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9. Classy Easter Bunny

 elegant easter bunny nails
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10. Robin’s Egg Candy Style

 robin's egg nails
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11. Easter Bunny with Rhinestone

 easter rabbit nails with gemstone
by Pinterest

12. Colorful Easter Mix

 colorful easter style nails
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13. Classy Mix

 easter mix nails
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14. French Tips

 easter french tip nails
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15. Cute Bunny and Eggs

 little cute easter bunny and egg nails
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16. Elegant Bunny

 elegant easter bunny nails
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Each year, I look forward to discovering new Easter nail ideas that will add a touch of whimsy to my look. From easy-to-apply decals to meticulous hand-painted nail art, like you have already seen, the options are endless. Some of my favorites include nails that mimic the speckled beauty of robin’s eggs, delicate floral patterns that remind me of Spring blooms, and, of course, those ever-so charming Easter egg designs.

I see my nails as miniature canvases for seasonal expression, always ready to showcase my personal style through the trends and traditions of Easter.

Easter Nail Color Palette

When I think about Easter, a specific palette comes to mind, filled with gentle yet joyful colors. This palette sets the stage for a festive manicure that feels fresh and vibrant.

Pastel Paradise

In my paradise of pastels, I absolutely adore making pastel hues the stars of my Easter manicure. Shades like pastel yellow, soft pink, mint green, and dreamy lilac reflect the gentle side of spring. To add a playful touch, I sometimes incorporate pastel dots or pastel stripes on my nails. These designs give an added dimension without overwhelming the delicate nature of pastel shades.

Bold and Bright

But Easter isn’t just about softness. It’s also a time for celebration, and what better way to do that than with bold and bright nail colors? I like using vivid versions of traditional pastel colors, like a richer yellow, a more vibrant pink, or an electric green, to make my manicure pop. When I’m feeling especially festive, I even combine bold colors with pastel accents for a contrast that’s eye-catching and full of life.

Easter-Themed Nail Art

From delightful bunnies to intricate egg patterns, there’s a design for every Easter enthusiast.

Adorable Bunny Motifs

Bunny nails are a cute tribute to the Easter Bunny and are perfect for an Easter manicure. Bunny face details on a single accent nail paired with pastel colors capture the joy of the season. For a playful touch, tiny bunnies painted across a few nails hop right into the Easter egg hunt theme.

Egg-cellent Easter Designs

Easter egg nails are a classic choice. I love to feature easter egg patterns that mimic the decorative eggs found during an Easter egg hunt. Designs like speckled polka dots or striped patterns in glossy or matte finishes bring the fun of customizing Easter eggs to my Easter nail art.

Springtime Florals

Once I blend in spring florals, my nails become a miniature garden. Delicate daisies and butterflies add a fresh, lively touch to my Easter look. For a cohesive design, I layer small floral stickers or decals that complement my Easter-themed nail art.

Maintaining Easter Nails

When I prepare my Easter nails, I focus on longevity and seasonal care so my manicure stays as vibrant and fresh as the spring season itself.

Longevity Tips

To ensure my manicure retains its glossy finish and bright design, I apply a clear top coat every two days. This not only adds an extra layer of protection but also maintains that fresh, high-shine look.

For festive manicures with sparkle or white polish accents, I make sure to use non-acetone polish remover for any touch-ups, as this is less likely to strip away the shine or color.

  • Top coat: Apply every 2 days
  • Polish remover: Use non-acetone for touch-ups

For those adorable Instagram-worthy Easter nails, whether they feature shades of grey, green and blue, or neutral nail designs, I avoid using my nails as tools to prevent chipping. Keeping my nails at a manageable, short length also helps in maintaining the manicure without compromising the cheerful, Easter look I aim for.

  • Nail care:
    • Use tools, not your nails
    • Keep nails short for less chipping

Seasonal Nail Care

Springtime calls for specific care to maintain a festive look. I moisturize my hands regularly since warmer weather can otherwise dry them out. Moisturizing ensures the skin around my nails looks as good as the polish on them, complementing my overall manicure.

  • Moisturizing: Do it regularly for skin and nail health

In terms of color choice, I lean towards pastel hues that are in sync with the season, knowing that they match with almost everything in my Easter wardrobe. These shades seem to also last longer without showing wear, as compared to darker colors which can make regrowth and chips more noticeable.

  • Color choice:
    • Pastel hues: Last longer, less noticeable wear

With these tips, I am able to keep those cute Easter nails looking cheerful and festive throughout the season.


What colour nails are in for Easter?

For Easter, popular nail colors include pastel shades like pink, blue, yellow, and lavender, as well as bright and playful hues such as coral and mint green. Designs often feature Easter themes like eggs, bunnies, and flowers.

How to do easy nail designs for beginners?

For easy nail designs, beginners can use tools like tape for straight lines, dotting tools for polka dots, or stickers and stencils for patterns. Start with simple designs like stripes, dots, or hearts. Watch tutorials like “10 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners” for guidance.

How to do sprinkles on nails?

To do sprinkles on nails, apply a base coat and your choice of polish. While it’s still tacky, use a dotting tool to add small, multicolored dots to mimic sprinkles, then seal with a topcoat.

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